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The woman's police station treats the trial for the infractions foreseen in the Law Against the Violence to the Woman and the Family.
And the competition will be determined by the place of commission of the infraction or the victim's home.


The woman's police station is located in the Av. De la Prensa y Vaca de Castro in front of the asylum of Old men.

—Receptar an accusation or demand for violence intrafamiliar
—To grant in immediate form the help measures that the case amerite and that they refer to:
—1. - to grant the aid tickets that necessary fueren to the woman or other members of the nucleus familiar;2
. - to Order the exit of the aggressor of the housing, if the coexistence implies a risk for the physical, psychic security or the sexual freedom of the familia;3. - to Impose the aggressor the prohibition of coming closer to the one attacked in its working  ,    or I study.

—In the Woman's Police stations and the Family when a case of violence intrafamiliar is presented, this you the step according to the breach type, be this in Penal matter or Special Law (Law Against the Violence to the Woman and the Family). The Penal Code, Book III classify the breaches and for the cases of violence intrafamiliar it frames them inside the breaches of third and quarter class, and the sanctions according to the graveness.




žOften people use the word "gender" like "sex" synonym. However, sex makes reference to the inherent biological characteristics to a woman or a man; it has also been used bad the word gender like "woman's" synonym or "female“
He gender focus or the equality between men and women consist on the capacity that the women and the men enjoy the goods valued socially equally, the opportunities, resources and recompenses, the equality doesn't mean that a man is similar to a woman or a woman is similar to the man which is the case she comes being the same thing, but well that the opportunities that we have and the changes that exist in our lives don't depend on our sex, but of the intellectual coefficient.
Regulatory scheme

žArticle 1. - it is forbidden all discrimination motivated by ethnic or national origin, of gender, the age, the discapacidades, the social condition, the conditions of health, the religion, the opinions, the preferences, the civil status or any other one that it attempts against the human dignity and have for object to annul or to impair the rights and the freedoms of people.
žArticle 4. - The male and the woman are same before the law… all person is entitled to the protection of the health. The Law will define the bases and modalities for the access to the services of health and it will establish the concurrence of the Federation and the federative entities as regards general health,… The children and the girls are entitled to the satisfaction of their feeding necessities, health, education and I heal esparcimiento for its integral development. The State will grant facilities to the matters so that they cooperate to the execution of the rights of the childhood.
žArticle 5. - To any person it will be been able to impede that is devoted to the profession, industry, trade or work that it accommodates him, being licit. The exercise of this freedom will only be been able to forbid for judicial determination.



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The Woman

 INTEGRAL: Almeida Jonathan
                      Herrera Manuel
                      Estefano Gonzalez
                      Moreira Tania
                      Quito Cristian
The term woman is used to indicate biological sexual differences or gender distinctions in its paper attributed culturally. But with the same rights that the men.

Rights and the woman's Obligationses and of any human being (2)

The State guarantees all and all the inhabitants from the Ecuador the free exercise and enjoyment of the same rights, freedoms and opportunities without any discrimination type, settled down so much in the Political Constitution, like in the declarations, pacts, agreements and other current international instruments. The rights and covenants of title recognized in the Constitution and in the effective international instruments they will be direct and immediately applicable for and in the face of any judge, tribunal or authority.

This means that all the people have right equals, it doesn't care him to be woman, man, mestizo, black, indigenous, boy, girl or adult. Also, if the Ecuador has ratified international agreements, as the Convention on the elimination in all the discrimination ways against the woman (CEDAW) or the Pact of civil rights and political, all that that there is said it is applicable to our country.

Right to the personal integrity and a life free of violence

You prohíbe all torture act and violence. Nobody can hit, to insult, to attack physics, psychological or sexually. The State should prevent, to eliminate and to sanction the violence, especially against the women, children, girls, adolescents and people of the third age, because all are entitled to a life without violence.

The woman in the family

The marriage is based in the consent of the contracting parties and the equality of rights, obligationses and husband's legal capability and woman.

The union in fact has the same goods that the marriage as for the combined property of the goods that you/they are acquired and the presumption of paternity, whenever the woman and the man don't have vinculo matrimonii with another person that you/they have been together for at least two followed years.
The State protects the marriage, the maternity, the family book credit and it supports the women home bosses.

The woman in the society

The woman is called to play a key part in the society, conjugating her professional functions with those of mother and you/he/she handcuffs. A trinomial difficult to balance the one that only the sensibility and the feminine capacity can respond with excellence.

The woman in the public, private and domestic work

The work is a right, nobody can prohibit to the woman that works, if he/she wants to make it. The State supports the entrance from the women to the work remunerated in equality of rights. You prohíbe the labor discrimination; therefore, the employer won't be able to pay less than to a man, if it carries out the same work.

Neither he/she will be able to request that it signs a renouncement. To the moment that hires her to demand that it is single, not to force her to that is not embarrassed, or to say goodbye to her if it is pregnant.

Also, it is watched over that the woman's labor and reproductive rights are respected, and that he/she has access to the social security.
There is special protection for the pregnant women and in period of nursing, for the hard-working, informal mothers, artisans, home bosses, widows. It is recognized that the domestic work that the woman carries out in the home every day (to wash, to iron, to cook, to sweep, to take care of the children, to fix the house, etc.) you/he/she is a productive work; that is to say that has an economic value and that work that she carries out without payment you/he/she is taken into account to compensate the woman when I/you/he/she is in situations of economic disadvantage in front of her husband or conviviente.

The woman in the politics

The women, the same as the men, we can choose and to be chosen to carry out any public position, to present bills to the National Congress, to be consulted, to control the acts of the public function, to revoke the command to the mayors, prefects and deputies elects with our votes.

Also, the participation of the women and the men in the elections debit side to be equal; for that reason, in the Law of Elections participation assignments settle down. For the last electoral process, the lists of candidacies should conform to with at least 35% of women, as main, and 35% as substitutes, in alternate and sequential form. This percentage should go increasing in 5% in each general electoral process, until arriving to 50%.
If the lists of candidacies don't fulfill this obligation, they won't be able to be inscribed.

The woman in the Ecuador

The woman's situation in the Ecuador has suffered deep transformations in the last century. To the movements in favor of the recognition of their civil rights and political they sink now the voices for the equality of opportunities and the full exercise of their economic, social and cultural rights.

One of the permanent principles of the foreign policy of the Ecuador is the respect and promotion of the human rights. In and of itself, Ecuador forms part of the most important treaties in promotion and protection of the human rights, among them the Conventions on the woman's rights.

"Article 2. 1. All person has all the rights and freedoms proclaimed in this Declaration, without distinction some of race, color, sex.... "
"1. The differences don't exist between men and Women."
This statement leaves of the juridical thing, although it is certain that between both sexes if we find capacities and different necessities, but this doesn't mean to be inferior, not even if it is sought to point out to the Woman like a weak or vulnerable entity.
Legally they are entitled the same as obligationses, as regards human rights to the being these of universal character, it implies that they correspond all person.

To make the decision freely of getting married when having the legal age and to found a family.
2.    To decide in couple the number and their children's spacing.
3.    To share jointly with the couple the included family responsibilities the upbringing and the children's education.
4.    To claim allowances for yes and their smallest children when the father doesn't fulfill his family obligationses, although he lives in the same home.
5.    To claim the part that legally corresponds in the case of dissolving the married society.
6.    To conserve the patria potestas or the children's legal custody when legal or judicially he/she is granted.
7.    To request the necessary divorce when the causal of law exist.
8.    To demand the separation of married goods and to have their behalf, still when they don't demand the divorce.
9.    To be about common agreement with the couple all the matters of family nature.
10.    To claim before a Judge of a civil court the recognition of the paternity when his son's father refuses to recognize it.
To request that it is declared which it is the family patrimony that won't be been able to alienate neither to be levied, although the husband alienates his goods that is to say sequestered.

To decide regarding their sexual life.
To be respected physics, sexual and psychologically.
3.    To denounce all sexual attack of which is object.
4.    To protect their patrimony and that of their children.
5.    To express their opinions freely.
Right to privacy and privacy.

Right to choose the work that more it suits him.
Right to same remuneration that the men, equally work.
3.    To be protected during the pregnancy and in the exercise of their maternity.
4.    To demand that they are not denied the requested work, neither they are discharged of the one that have, or deny or reduce their wage to be pregnant.
5.    To be assisted during the pregnancy and the childbirth with respect and care.
6.    To have two rests of half hour each one during the day, to feed their children nurslings.
7.    To enjoy entire wage of six previous weeks of rest and six later to the childbirth to recover and to assist to the newly born one.
8.    Not to carry out any clinical exam without their knowledge or consent, should be confidential the result.
To receive the integral payment of compensations, pensions, etc.
To denounce all the illicit ones made in their damage or in that of their children.
To demand before the tribunals the civil or family stocks that you/they seek.
3.    To defend of all demand in its against and to present all kinds of tests.
4.    In the case of being inculpated, to have a lawyer or confidential person who it defends it.
5.    To request deposit to obtain their freedom in the cases of law.
6.    If it is interned in the CERESO or Police station that it is located in areas or own cells for Women; if it is under age in special areas for smaller offenders.
7.    As victim of crimes to receive legal attention, doctor or psychological in opportune form, for qualified personnel and suitable; equally to be informed as for the repair of the damage and how to claim their payment or compensation.
8.    As family prisoners' visitors, to be revised with respect to their chastity and dignity.
9.    To be treated respectfully by the public servants in an immediate, diligent way and in gratuitous form.
10.    Not to be object of blows, molestations, it tortures and isolation when it is stopped.
The Woman in the case of suffering any aggression or damage of their rights (included those of their smallest children), he/she will be able to claim them before the competent authorities to demand from the same ones, protection and justice, which will be complete and attached to the law in full observance of the human rights.
The Woman should defend her rights. It is necessary to know them; but mainly to know that they mean.
These rights consecrated in the Constitution, laws and international treaties, make that the authority puts under an obligation to recognize them and to preserve them.

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 Margarita Carchipulla
Rocío Heredia                                 

Everything is understood by environment what affects an alive being and determines specially the circumstances of life of the persons or the company in his life. He understands the set of natural, social and cultural existing values in a place and a certain moment, which they influence the life of the human being and the future generations. That is to say, it is not a question only of the space in the one that develops the life but also it includes alive beings, objects, water, soil, air and the relations between them.

 Environment set of elements abióticos (solar power, soil, water and air) and biotic (alive organisms) that integrate the thin cap of the Earth called biosphere, sustenance and home of the alive beings.
 *         physical Environment: Physical Geography, Geology, climate, pollution.
 *         biological Environment:
 1.         Population humanizes: Demography.
 2.         Flora: food source, it influences the vertebrates and arthropods as agents' source.
 3.         Fauna: food source, guests vertebrates, arthropods vectors.
 4.         Waters down.
*          socioeconomic Environment:
 1.         Labor occupation or I work: exhibition to chemical, physical agents.
 2.         Urbanization or urban environment and economic development.
 3.         Disasters: wars, floods.
 At present there exist high levels of pollution caused by the man, but not only the man contaminates, but also there exist some natural factors that as well as they benefit, also they can harm to the environment. Some of these are:
·         Alive organisms
 They exist animals of shepherding that are beneficial for the vegetation, since it it is the cow that with his dregs he pays the land, also exist animals as the goat that with his hoofs and his way of eating they erode affecting the land.
·         Climate
 ·          The rain is necessary for the vegetable growth, but in excess it provokes the drowning of the plants.
 ·          The wind serves in the dispersion of seeds, beneficial process for the vegetation, but lamentably, in excess it produces erosion.
 ·          The snow burns the plants, but some types of vegetation like the araucaria need at one stroke of cold in order that they could come to fruition.
 ·          The heat and the light of the Sun are fundamental elements in the photosynthesis, but in excess they produce drought and the drought, sterility of the land.

·         Relief
 Beneficial reliefs exist, since they are the mounts replete with trees, but also the harmful ones since they are the volcanoes that can affect the area already be for the ash or for the risk of explosion magmática. The relief it forms any irregularity that takes place in the terrestrial surface. Therefore, it can give place to elevations as to collapses in the area. The current relief of the Earth is the result of a long process. According to the theory of the tectonic one of plates the lithosphere is divided in diverse tectonic plates that move slowly, which provokes that the terrestrial surface is in continuous change, theory of the continental drift.
·         Deforestation
 It is a factor that affects in great way the land because the trees and plants delay in returning to grow very much and are important elements for the environment.
·          Sobreforestación
 This end also turns out to be harmful to the Environment so when many vegetation exists, this one absorbs all the minerals of the surface in which he is. Of this form, the soil remains without sufficient minerals for his own development. A way of avoiding this consists of using a Rotation of cultures adapted to the zone.
·         Forest fires
 It might be call him a type of deforestation with massive and lasting effects to the area. The 
land that has been exposed to the fire delays hundreds of years to return to use.

 The atmosphere, which it protects to the Earth of the excess of ultraviolet radiation and allows the existence of life is a gaseous mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, steam of water, other elements and compounds, and particles of powder. Warmed by the Sun and the radiant energy of the Earth, the atmosphere circulates concerning the planet and modifies the thermal differences. For what refers to the water, 97 % is in the oceans, 2 % is ice and 1 remaining % is the sweet water of the rivers, the lakes, the underground waters and the atmospheric moisture and of the soil.
The soil is the thin mantle of matter that sustains the terrestrial life. It is a product of the interaction of the climate and of the rocky substratum or rock mother, as the morrenas glaciers and the sedimentary rocks, and of the vegetation. On all of them the alive organisms depend, including the human beings. The plants are served the water, the carbon dioxide and the solar light to turn raw materials into carbohydrates by means of the photosynthesis; the animal life, in turn, depends on the plants in a sequence of interconnected links known as network trófica.

 1) Carbon dioxide
 One of the impacts produced on the terrestrial environment has been the increase of the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. The quantity of CO2 atmospheric had remained stable, seemingly for centuries, but from 1750 it has increased in 30 % approximately. The significant of this change is that it can provoke an increase of the temperature of the Earth across the process known as greenhouse effect. The atmospheric carbon dioxide tends to prevent that the wave radiation talks escape to the exterior space; provided that more heat takes place and can escape less, the global temperature of the Earth increases.
2) Acidificación
 The acidificación owes to the emission of dioxide of sulphur and oxides of nitrogen for the thermal power stations and for the leaks of the vehicles to engine. These products interact with the light of the Sol, the dampness and the oxidizers producing sulphuric and nitric acid, which they are transported by the atmospheric traffic and fall to land, dragged by the rain and the snow in the so called acid rain, or in the shape of dry warehouses, particles and atmospheric gases. The acid rain is an important global problem.
3) Destruction of the ozone
 Studies showed that the cap of ozone was being affected by the increasing use of chlorfluorocarbons (CFC consisted of fluorine), which are used in refrigeration, air conditioning, solvents of cleanliness, materials of packaging and aerosols. The chlorine, a chemical secondary product of the CFC attacks to the ozone, which is formed by three atoms of oxygen, snatching one of them to form monoxide of chlorine. This one reacts later with atoms of oxygen to form molecules of oxygen, liberating molecules of chlorine that separate into its elements more molecules of ozone.
4) Other toxic substances
 The toxic substances are chemical products which manufacture, accused, distribution, use and elimination represent a risk inasumible for the human health and the environment. The majority of these toxic substances are chemical synthetic products that penetrate in the environment and persist in him during long periods of time.

 5) Radiation
 A more serious problem which the nuclear industry faces is the storage of the nuclear residues, which preserve his toxic character from 700 to 1 million years. The safety of a storage during geological periods of time is, at least, problematic; meanwhile, the radioactive residues accumulate, threatening the integrity of the environment.
6) Erosion of the soil
 The erosion of the soil is hastening in all the continents and is degrading approximately 2.000 million hectares of land of culture and of shepherding, which represents a serious threat for the global supply of provisions. Every year the erosion of the soils and other forms of degradation of the lands provoke a loss of between 5 and 7 million hectares of cultivable lands. The erosion of the soil and the loss of the lands of culture and the forests it reduces in addition the capacity of conservation of the dampness of the soils and adds sediments to the currents of water, the lakes and the reservoirs..
7) Water demand
 The problems of erosion are aggravating the increasing world problem of the water supply. The majority of the problems in this field are given in the semiarid and coastal regions of the world. The human populations in expansion need systems of irrigation and water for the industry.

 The Environment is the biggest work of Our Gentleman, is because of it of that we must take care and preserve it for good of us themselves and of all the alive beings who live our planet. You cause as the destruction of the cap of ozone, the pollution of the water, the carbon dioxide, acidificación, erosion of the soil, chlorinated hydrocarbons and other reasons of pollution like the spilling oil are destroying our planet, But the " reason that produces other reasons " we are we themselves ..., there are persons that it does not matter for them to throw a tin in the street or a paper, or any other thing, knowing that increasingly they are contaminating the environment, the correct thing would be to place the garbage or the residues in the wastebasket or to take it to the most nearby dust-bin that one finds in the street, with regard to the pollution of the air the drivers it should look for the form of which his vehicle does not originate so much carbon dioxide, which is totally harmful as well as also the acids used for the plants, also the insecticidas and other chemical sprays, for the cap of ozone that is very important for us because it protects us from the ultraviolet beams of the Sun.

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Economic Development Agency is an entity CONQUITO groups - social mission and private non-profit organization, whose primary goal is to promote socioeconomic development of the Metropolitan District of Quito. 

Promote sustainable local economic development in the context of public policy, promoting wealth creation, employment, innovation and infrastructure for the operation and strengthening of the business ecosystem, through consultation between the public - private.

Being the leader in the field of promotion and economic development, social inclusion approach in the DMQ and its area of influence and is also a reference to national and international level.

CONQUITO born in the Metropolitan District and legally constituted on October 27, 2003 by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industrialization, Fisheries and Competitiveness, Ministerial Agreement No. 03528. It was created to fulfill the economic hub of the Plan Equinox 21, whose vision is "a territory Quito entrepreneurial, sustainable, technology and service node that enhances productive capabilities, creates jobs and distributes wealth fairly in an environment of legal certainty ".
Arises from the strategic vision of the Metropolitan District of Quito as a productive and competitive capital, established in government plans of the municipality of the city: Plan Equinox Century 21 (to 2025) and the Bicentennial Plan (2005-2009).
Agency efforts are primarily oriented towards the Economically Active Population (PEA) District (1'085 .816 people), companies based in Quito (especially MSMEs), unemployed (72,750 persons) and the business and organizational, which corresponds to territorial coverage of 422,802 hectares.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 12:20 Last updated on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 12:08 Written by System Administrator
The Municipal Economic Development Agency CONQUITO account so far with 18 partners whose logos are shown below, according to the sector they belong to:
District Municipality
Metropolitano de Quito
Provincial Council of Pichincha
National Finance Corporation

CONQUITO seeks to interrelate their services to close the circle, trying to satisfy most needs of the population of Quito demanera agile and efficient. Indeed, considering the staffing escompleja, the Corporation offers several additional options oriented toward the same end, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Mexico, among which is the Job Training.
The proposed Job Training aims to develop the necessary conditions for the inhabitants of the DMQ acquire the knowledge and skills to join an adequate job, or become entrepreneurs create jobs for themselves, their families and their environment. Training is aimed at the general public, with a special preference for organized groups, businesses and microenterprises.