martes, 5 de abril de 2011

RESEARCH "CONQUITO" Members: Margarita Carchipulla - Rocío Heredia Course: AE2-3 CONQUITO was born in the Municipality of the Metropolitan District and was legally constituted the October 27, 2003 by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, industrialization, Fisheries and Competitiveness with the Ministerial Agreement No. 03528. It was created for the fulfillment of the economic hub of the Equinox Plan 21, whose vision is "Quito as a territory entrepreneur, sustainable, node technology and services that power their productive capacities, generates employment and distributes wealth fairly in an environment of legal security". Born of the strategic vision of the Metropolitan District of Quito as a capital productive and competitive, which was established in the plans of the municipal government of the city: Plan Equinox Century 21 (to 2025) and Plan Bicentennial (2005-2009). The Agency's efforts are primarily oriented toward the Economically Active Population (EAP) in the district (1 '085,816 people), companies based in Quito (especially msmes), unemployed (72,750 people) and the tissue corporate and organizational, which corresponds to a territorial coverage of 422,802 hectares. CONQUITO is an autonomous agency, self-sustaining, that affects the governance of Metropolitan District with public policy proposals. Promotes local economic development by promoting sustainable wealth generation and employment, technological innovation, regional trade flows, financing and strengthening business. CONQUITO promotes the socio-economic development of the Metropolitan District of Quito and its area of influence, through the conclusion of the players, public private local, to increase the level and quality of employment, promote local production, technological innovation, training and education of the economically active population and productive financing. CONQUITO are looking for interrelating its services in a way to close the circle,seeking to meet the greater part of the needs of the population of Quito by agile and efficient. In effect, considering that the placement of personnel escompleja, the Corporation offers several additional alternatives toward the same end, the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the District, among which is the Training for the job. The training project for work seeks to develop the necessary conditions for the inhabitants of the DMQ acquire the knowledge and skills to enable them to be incorporated into a suitable job or become entrepreneurs generators of employment for themselves, his family and his environment. The training is directed to the general public, with a special preference by organized groups, companies and micro-enterprises. The system is started with two categories: training in business management, aimed essentially at generate in the participants skills in business administration, in order to avoid the creation of business without planning and hence ensure the success of insurance the same; and a job-training aimed at strengthening the abilities and skills of the users, with the aim of which they may have access to better employment opportunities. Creation of companies we support you to convert your business idea into a viable project, quality and with prospects for the future. We offer services: Business Incubator, Technical Advice and Assistance. CONQUITO provides advice and information for obtaining financing addressed to businessmen and entrepreneurs.

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