martes, 5 de abril de 2011

·         Jonathan Almeida
·         Estefano Gonzalez
·         Alejandro Herrera
·         Tania Moreira
·         Cristian Quito

CONQUITO is born in the Municipality of the Metropolitan District and it was constituted October 27 2003 legally by the External Board of Trade, Industrialization, Fishes and Competitiveness, with Agreement Ministerial Nº 03528. It was created for the execution of the economic axis of the Plan Equinox 21 whose vision is I "Remove as a venturesome, sustainable territory, technological node and of services that it develops its productive capacities, it generates employment and it distributes the wealth with justness in an artificial" safe-deposit environment.
  To impel the sustainable local economic development, in the mark of the policies of the law; promoting the generation of wealth, employment, innovation and appropriate infrastructure for the operation and invigoration of the managerial ecosystem; through the agreement public-private.
  To be the leader in the field of the promotion and economic development, with focus of social inclusion in the DMQ and their influence area, being also a with respect to national and international level.
The Agency of Economic Development CONQUITO is a public entity - private with social mission and without ends of lucre whose fundamental objective is the promotion of the socioeconomic development of the Metropolitan District of I Remove.
CONQUITO looks for to interrelate its way services of closing the circle, trying to satisfy most of the population's necessities of I Remove in an agile and efficient way. Indeed, whereas clause that personnel's placement is complex, the Corporation offers several additional alternatives guided toward the same end, the improvement of the quality of the inhabitants' of the District life, among which it is the Training for the Work.
The project of Training for the Work looks for to develop the necessary conditions so that the inhabitants of the DMQ acquire the knowledge and abilities that allow them to incorporate to an appropriate workstation, or to become generating managers of employment for yes, its family and its environment. The training is managed to the public in general, with a special preference for the organized groups, companies and microcompanies.
The system began with two categories: the formation in managerial administration, directed essentially to generate in the participant capacities of administration of companies, to avoid the creation of business without planning and for reason why to offer the sure success of the same ones; and the labor formation, guided to strengthen the abilities and dexterities of the users in order to that you can consent to better employment opportunities.

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