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žOften people use the word "gender" like "sex" synonym. However, sex makes reference to the inherent biological characteristics to a woman or a man; it has also been used bad the word gender like "woman's" synonym or "female“
He gender focus or the equality between men and women consist on the capacity that the women and the men enjoy the goods valued socially equally, the opportunities, resources and recompenses, the equality doesn't mean that a man is similar to a woman or a woman is similar to the man which is the case she comes being the same thing, but well that the opportunities that we have and the changes that exist in our lives don't depend on our sex, but of the intellectual coefficient.
Regulatory scheme

žArticle 1. - it is forbidden all discrimination motivated by ethnic or national origin, of gender, the age, the discapacidades, the social condition, the conditions of health, the religion, the opinions, the preferences, the civil status or any other one that it attempts against the human dignity and have for object to annul or to impair the rights and the freedoms of people.
žArticle 4. - The male and the woman are same before the law… all person is entitled to the protection of the health. The Law will define the bases and modalities for the access to the services of health and it will establish the concurrence of the Federation and the federative entities as regards general health,… The children and the girls are entitled to the satisfaction of their feeding necessities, health, education and I heal esparcimiento for its integral development. The State will grant facilities to the matters so that they cooperate to the execution of the rights of the childhood.
žArticle 5. - To any person it will be been able to impede that is devoted to the profession, industry, trade or work that it accommodates him, being licit. The exercise of this freedom will only be been able to forbid for judicial determination.


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