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deber de la conquito


GRUPO #: 6


of Quito.
Promote sustainable local economic development in the context of public policy, promoting wealth creation, employment, innovation and infrastructure for the operation and strengthening of the business ecosystem, through consultation between the public - private.
VISION Being the leader in the field of promotion and economic development, social inclusion approach in the DMQ and its area of ​​influence and is also a reference to national and international

CONQUITO born in the Metropolitan District and legally constituted on October 27, 2003 by the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industrialization, Fisheries and Competitiveness, Ministerial Agreement No. 03528. It was created to fulfill the economic hub of the Plan Equinox 21, whose vision is "a territory Quito entrepreneurial, sustainable, technology and service node that enhances productive capabilities, creates jobs and distributes wealth fairly in an environment of legal certainty ".
Arises from the strategic vision of the Metropolitan District of Quito as a productive and competitive capital, established in government plans of the municipality of the city: Plan Equinox Century 21 (to 2025) and the Bicentennial Plan (2005-2009).
Agency efforts are primarily oriented towards the Economically Active Population (PEA) District (1'085 .816 people), companies based in Quito (especially MSMEs), unemployed (72,750 persons) and the business and organizational, which corresponds to territorial coverage of 422,802 hectares.  
Events massive link in the Metropolitan District of Quito
Job fairs are an ongoing program developed to assist conquerors to lower unemployment rates in the Metropolitan District of Quito.

Constitute a mechanism that aims to unite and CONQUITO job in favorable conditions.
Can be made to save costs and focus groups to optimize the use of state funds
Are intended to generate a free source of jobs.
Are mechanisms that allow the generation of information before, during and after the event.
Openly available to the community CONQUITO electronic resources for all event log labor relationship.
Every event in the employ of CONQUITO is done through public competition.
Job Fairs promote better working conditions, under the protection, provision and contracting with law.

A tool for local economic developmentFrom our experience, it is important to understand that the inhabitants of the Metropolitan District of Quito can purchase certain productive capacities to enable them to develop competitive advantages that the city can incorporate service alternatives, therefore, are advantages.
Fairs must show these advantages of local potentials.
The important thing in the promoter MSEs and Employment Opportunities, is to design, organize and launch a show that has these provisions in a conscious and transmit them to those who have the responsibility to promote productive development and productive enterprise, as well as those who supply and demand workmanship within the Metropolitan District of Quito. We must insist on it until the concept becomes part of the professional background of those who are involved (from our various roles) in Crazy Economic Development
financial opportunities for you to start business
The Municipal Economic Development Agency CONQUITO provides advice on obtaining financial resources to start or strengthen your business before applying for financing or credit.
Our services:
Advice on alternative financing for productive enterprises.
Information on conditions of financial products and services with financial institutions of the Metropolitan District of Quito.
Support and direction to channel your credit and your financial plans.

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