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Environment is all that affects an alive being and it conditions the circumstances of people's life or the society especially in its life. It is the group of existent natural, social and cultural securities in a place and a certain moment that influence in the life of the human being and in the coming generations. It only is not the space in which the life is developed but rather it also embraces alive beings, objects, it dilutes, floor, air and the relationships among them, as well as elements so intangible as the culture.
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Previous to the consideration of the biological diversity it is considered the genetic diversity. It is necessary to make reference so much to the importance that has for the preservation and maintenance of the balance of the life and the systems in the Earth, in the fauna, the flora like the microbial life. This is a patrimony of great importance for their contribution to the feeding and a more and more numerous population's health with smaller expectations of satisfying their demands totally. Here they are given appointment the classification and characteristic of the natural resources.
The environmental phenomena are characterized by their localization and mobility, that which makes them divisible in different ways. The environmental phenomenon is in general a subject of the geography and of the meteorology. A produced phenomenon of contamination in a place anyone transformetion is transferred to different places of the planet by thermal currents and in that process it suffers chemical transformations for example the CFC manufactured in the North Hemisphere and the deterioration of the Layer of Ozone in the Antártida.
About afforestation
This end is also harmful to the since the atmosphere when existing a lot of vegetation, this absorbs all the minerals of the surface. This way, the floor you comes out without enough minerals for their own development. A form of avoiding this consists on using an appropriate rotation of cultivations to the area.
World day of the Environment
June of every year 5 take place, in the entire world, the World Day of the Environment. This was established by the General Assembly of United Nations in 1972. The World Day of the Environment is one of the main vehicles by means of which the Organization of the United Nations stimulates the world sensitization around the environment and it intensifies the attention and the political action.

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